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How To: FlowCast River Table

Here is a 60 second video that outlines the steps to build a river table using live edge wood and FlowCast casting epoxy resin by EcoPoxy.

NEW FlowCast SPR

NEW FlowCast SPR

NEW! FlowCast SPR (Small Projects Resin) is the ideal casting epoxy for weekend woodworking projects. When used at one-inch thickness, the maximum volume, and under the recommended conditions, expect projects to cure within one day.
Bubble free UV Poxy glass-like finish top coat by HalfBakedArt

Bubble Free Epoxy! How To Get a Perfect Finish with UV Poxy

NO BUBBLES in Epoxy Resin!

Understanding the secret to a perfect "glass-like" finish using EcoPoxy UV Poxy, or other epoxy resin for coating, is easy. Following a few simple steps to prevent air bubbles is essential. Then I will explain how to properly use heat to de-gas, or remove, the bubbles after your pour.

MOST COMMON CAUSES OF AIR BUBBLES: All of these can be avoided! 
Overheating - No seal coat - Humidity - Temperature - Improper mixing - Layer too thick or too thin

How To Buy EcoPoxy Wholesale

If you want to save money on EcoPoxy epoxy resin, consider a bulk order purchase at wholesale prices. For those of you producing a lot of river tables, resin and wood furniture, countertops, custom bar or table tops, reduce your cost of materials and maximize your profit with wholesale purchasing

How Much FlowCast Do You Need? | Calculate Usage

How Much FlowCast Do You Need? | Calculate Usage

FLOWCAST- The most common problem, when using FlowCast epoxy resin, is not having enough to finish your project. Specially if you are pouring a river table. The solution is simple: calculate your usage. When using a casting resin (or filling an area), calculate the total cubic inches and divide by 61.

epoxy resin painting by resin artist Jane Biven. Orange purple white and blue ecopoxy resin on round structure

Epoxy Resin Hacks

Here' an excerpt from HalfBakedArt | A Resin Artist's Blog Or read the full post: Pro Resin Tips: Temper...
The Cure for Cold Resin

The Cure for Cold Resin

Epoxy resin is sensitive to temperature and it's curing process can be compromised in low temperaturesFreezing causes the resin to crystallize or develop seed crystals and makes the resin much thicker than it's normal viscosity, reduce the polymer’s reaction rate, extend its cure time, and ultimately affect it's polymerization...
EcoPoxy Hack How to Choose

EcoPoxy Hack How to Choose

EcoPoxy epoxy resins are each designed for specific applications. The right choice for you will depend on how you intend to use it. Each type of epoxy resin is uniquely formulated and performs differently. Once you determine that epoxy resin is the right choice, you need to examine the options and select which EcoPoxy product is best suited for your project.