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FlowCast Replaces Liquid Plastic 2:1

This new deep casting epoxy from EcoPoxy is a game changer!

Made specially for woodworkers and river tables.  Highest bio-based content ever.  Water-like clarity, lower viscosity, UV stable, resists crystallization, cures to a harder finish.


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EcoPoxy Made Easy: A How-To Guide

FlowCast by EcoPoxy from

How to Use FlowCast: A Checklist and User Guide

FlowCast is a new casting epoxy made by EcoPoxy. It was developed to replace Liquid Plastic, which has been the epoxy resin of choice for river tables and any projects requiring a deep layer of resin. FlowCast is a better product which is used/applied the same way as Liquid Plastic 2:1 ratio. Improvements in several categories (like clarity, viscosity, air-release) make FlowCast a more user friendly epoxy with outstanding final results (increased strength and durability). But the greatest improvements are its resistance to crystallization and the increased bio-content!

The following information is for users of FlowCast casting epoxy is made for pouring layers 0.5 - 1.5 inches deep. Directions, advice, list of supplies and details to help you successfully complete your epoxy resin project. 

UV Poxy Instructions: User Guide

UV Poxy Instructions: User Guide

Easy to follow instructions for using EcoPoxy UV Poxy epoxy resin. How-to measure, mix, apply. Pro tips and tricks from US artist rep, Jane Biven.
FlowCast: Reclaiming the Throne

FlowCast: Reclaiming the Throne

FlowCast is a big improvement in several ways. Although it is similar in use, like Liquid Plastic 2:1 ratio, in terms of depth of pour, gel time and curing, FlowCasts' clarity, viscosity, and durability make it HANDS DOWN the best epoxy resin for river tables. Additionally, Flowcasts' incredible UV stability, record setting bio-content AND anti-crystallization formula have put EcoPoxy back on top of the epoxy wars!

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