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Introducing FlowCast

This new deep casting epoxy from EcoPoxy is a game changer!

Made specially for woodworkers and river tables.  Highest bio-based content ever.  Water-like clarity, lower viscosity, UV stable, resists crystallization, cures to a harder more durable finish.

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EcoPoxy Made Easy: A How-To Guide

FlowCast: Reclaiming the Throne

FlowCast: Reclaiming the Throne

FlowCast is a big improvement in several ways. Although it is similar in use, like Liquid Plastic 2:1 ratio, in terms of depth of pour, gel time and curing, FlowCasts' clarity, viscosity, and durability make it HANDS DOWN the best epoxy resin for river tables. Additionally, Flowcasts' incredible UV stability, record setting bio-content AND anti-crystallization formula have put EcoPoxy back on top of the epoxy wars!
Mystery Solved! Liquid Plastic: The Difference Explained

Mystery Solved! Liquid Plastic: The Difference Explained

One formula used two ways. There has been a lot of confusion surrounding EcoPoxy's Liquid Plastic, their brand of casting epoxy resin, has been the center of attention since late 2017. 
Liquid Plastic 2:1 Ratio Instructions

Liquid Plastic 2:1 Ratio Instructions

Simple instructions (and a detailed version) for using Liquid Plastic epoxy resin 2:1 ratio mix. Ambient temperature is an absolute MUST for succes...

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