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EcoPoxy Made Easy: A How-To Guide

NEW FlowCast SPR

NEW FlowCast SPR

NEW! FlowCast SPR (Small Projects Resin) is the ideal casting epoxy for weekend woodworking projects. When used at one-inch thickness, the maximum volume, and under the recommended conditions, expect projects to cure within one day.
Bubble free UV Poxy glass-like finish top coat by HalfBakedArt

Bubble Free Epoxy! How To Get a Perfect Finish with UV Poxy

NO BUBBLES in Epoxy Resin!

Understanding the secret to a perfect "glass-like" finish using EcoPoxy UV Poxy, or other epoxy resin for coating, is easy. Following a few simple steps to prevent air bubbles is essential. Then I will explain how to properly use heat to de-gas, or remove, the bubbles after your pour.

MOST COMMON CAUSES OF AIR BUBBLES: All of these can be avoided! 
Overheating - No seal coat - Humidity - Temperature - Improper mixing - Layer too thick or too thin

Protect Your Investment: All About Bloxygen

► WHO SHOULD USE Bloxygen? Whether you are an artist, craftsmen, woodworker, mechanic, boat builder, a brewer or self-proclaimed foodie, we guarantee you will be using Bloxygen all the time! Preserve, protect and prevent waste today!

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