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FlowCast Replaces Liquid Plastic 2:1

This new deep casting epoxy from EcoPoxy is a game changer!

Made specially for woodworkers and river tables.  Highest bio-based content ever.  Water-like clarity, lower viscosity, UV stable, resists crystallization, cures to a harder finish.


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EcoPoxy Made Easy: A How-To Guide

How Much FlowCast Do You Need? | Calculate Usage

How Much FlowCast Do You Need? | Calculate Usage

FLOWCAST- The most common problem, when using FlowCast epoxy resin, is not having enough to finish your project. Specially if you are pouring a river table. The solution is simple: calculate your usage. When using a casting resin (or filling an area), calculate the total cubic inches and divide by 61.

FlowCast by EcoPoxy from

How to Use FlowCast: A Checklist and User Guide

FlowCast is a new casting epoxy made by EcoPoxy. It was developed to replace Liquid Plastic, which has been the epoxy resin of choice for river tables and any projects requiring a deep layer of resin. FlowCast is a better product which is used/applied the same way as Liquid Plastic 2:1 ratio. Improvements in several categories (like clarity, viscosity, air-release) make FlowCast a more user friendly epoxy with outstanding final results (increased strength and durability). But the greatest improvements are its resistance to crystallization and the increased bio-content!

The following information is for users of FlowCast casting epoxy is made for pouring layers 0.5 - 1.5 inches deep. Directions, advice, list of supplies and details to help you successfully complete your epoxy resin project. 

UV Poxy Instructions: User Guide

UV Poxy Instructions: User Guide

Easy to follow instructions for using EcoPoxy UV Poxy epoxy resin. How-to measure, mix, apply. Pro tips and tricks from US artist rep, Jane Biven.

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