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EcoPoxy Made Easy: A How-To Guide

Protect Your Investment: All About Bloxygen

► WHO SHOULD USE Bloxygen? Whether you are an artist, craftsmen, woodworker, mechanic, boat builder, a brewer or self-proclaimed foodie, we guarantee you will be using Bloxygen all the time! Preserve, protect and prevent waste today!

How To Buy EcoPoxy Wholesale

If you want to save money on EcoPoxy epoxy resin, consider a bulk order purchase at wholesale prices. For those of you producing a lot of river tables, resin and wood furniture, countertops, custom bar or table tops, reduce your cost of materials and maximize your profit with wholesale purchasing. When buying in bulk, you will get the lowest price per liter and never run short on epoxy when your turnaround time is essential!

How Much FlowCast Do You Need? | Calculate Usage

How Much FlowCast Do You Need? | Calculate Usage

FLOWCAST- The most common problem, when using FlowCast epoxy resin, is not having enough to finish your project. Specially if you are pouring a river table. The solution is simple: calculate your usage. When using a casting resin (or filling an area), calculate the total cubic inches and divide by 61.

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