UV Poxy | Product Info

EcoPoxy's UV Poxy is the best epoxy resin I have ever used! It is the safest, greenest coating epoxy available and the only bio-based epoxy resin. The high viscosity, 1:1 ratio formula gives you (the artist) the control that we all want and need, without the odor and toxic fumes. 

UVPoxy provides an extremely durable finish, and is specially formulated to resist yellowing caused by sunlight and other ultraviolet light sources. Self levels to approximately 1/8 inch, but can be built up in layers to any depth.

 With a maximum single layer thickness of ¼ inch, UVPoxy is perfect for use as a clear coating on artwork, tables, bar tops, counters, jewelry, resin art paintings, 3D art, or many types of wood creations.

I use it exclusively for my ocean surf artwork because of the viscosity. 


How To Use UVPoxy: (EcoPoxy Instructions)

In a clean, dry container; combine (by volume) 1 part resin with 1 part hardener, and mix thoroughly for 2 minutes, Then add desired pigments, continuing to mix until the epoxy is completely colored. After mixing, pour the epoxy onto the surface and spread evenly with a ¼” v-notched spreader, pop any surface bubbles by flashing with a blowtorch or heat gun.

For easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, read my blog post:

Repouring Between Coats

Repouring between coats is possible between 4 - 24 hours providing the previous pour is firm but still tacky. Once tack-free it is necessary to sand between layers to ensure proper adhesion.

55°- 80°F with tightly sealed lids. If hardener (Part B) is exposed to oxygen it will amber in color over time. Use Bloxygen to prevent this problem and extend shelf life.

Shelf Life

Epoxy has a shelf life of about 2 years providing it is properly stored in sealed containers. Use Bloxygen to prevent this problem and extend shelf life.


UVPoxy Product Information

Mix Ratio

1:1 by volume (not weight)

Working Temperature

68 -80ºF (21-27ºC) Ideal temperature 72 - 74ºF

Working Time

20 - 45 minutes depending on volume, temperature

Cure Time

48 hours depending on temperature, humidity & volume

Set to touch:

6-8 hours depending on temperature, humidity & volume

Clean Up

99% Isopropyl or Denatured alcohol

Maximum Recommended Pour Depth