EcoPoxy Hack How to Choose

Choosing the right EcoPoxy epoxy resin for your project.

EcoPoxy epoxy resins are each designed for specific applications. The right choice for you will depend on how you intend to use it. Each type of epoxy resin is uniquely formulated and performs differently. They should not be considered interchangeable.

Just because products are labeled epoxy resin, does not mean you can substitute one for another OR mix various components (Part A & Part B) from different types or brands. Although they may be used in some similar situations, their purpose is quite different. 

First, consider the best type of resin for your needs. Once you determine that epoxy resin is the right choice, then you'll need to examine the options and select the right epoxy for your project.

ecopoxy logoEcoPoxy provides a 100% safe and "greener" alternative. 52% bio-based, non-toxic, non-solvent, petroleum free epoxy systems for most artistic applications.

The Choices:

Best for resin art painting, jewelry, countertops
River tables and live edge tables up to 1.75" - 2 " deep.
Best for encapsulation. Can be poured to 8" deep in one layer
Clear resin and hardener from ecopoxy us
Clear Resin & Hardener
Best for sporting equipment & surfboards
Best for troweling, vertical application and adhesive repair


Use the comparison chart to find which EcoPoxy product is best suited for your project.

Ecopoxy US resin project comparison chart

Occasionally, the best results are achieved by using 2 or more epoxy resin products to complete a project. For example: UVPoxy or Clear Resin & Hardener adds the hardest and most durable  finish for a river table when a top layer is applied over Liquid Plastic 2:1 

Approximate Time Table & Optimal Climate

For more information read the FAQ's 

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