How Much FlowCast Do You Need? | Calculate Usage

FLOWCAST- The most common problem, when using FlowCast casting epoxy resin, is not having enough to finish your project. Specially if you are pouring a river table. The solution is simple: calculate your usage. VOLUME CALCULATOR

When using a casting resin (or filling an area), calculate the total cubic inches and divide by 61.

calculate-cubic-inchesL x W x H = ttl in³ (total cubic inches) ÷ 61 = Liters

Each liter of epoxy will fill 61 cubic inches. The tricky part is using the exact measurements, no guessing! With a live edge, the width will vary, so use an average. It's a good idea to add 10% to your total and order the next largest size.

In the effort to save money, many customers will order a smaller size kit only to find out they would have saved money buying the larger size the first time! The larger the kit size, the lower the price per liter. 

There are 2 things that will result in wasting your epoxy:

  1. Seepage (epoxy seeping underneath the wood)
  2. Leakage (epoxy leaking out of the table mold). The most common "mistake" 

A lot of people construct their form for the river table and fail to create a watertight seal on all of the seams of form. FlowCast epoxy is water thin and will find even the tiniest of gaps and leak out, causing a HUGE loss of money, time and wasted epoxy.

A few tips to help avoid leakage:

  • Level, planed surfaces (everything perfectly level)
  • Straight, clean cuts to make flush joints
  • Properly placed screws, squared corners
  • Clear silicone caulking on all seams (of forms and wood)
  • Properly Sealed (seal w/ epoxy resin coat) If there is a leak, it will be found and fixed now
**There is a lot more to building a great form. I recommend research and practice!