Ecopoxy Color Pigment Kit 8 pc
Ecopoxy Color Pigment Kit 8 pc
Ecopoxy Color Pigment Kit 8 pc - Epoxy US
Ecopoxy Color Pigment Kit 8 pc - Epoxy US

Ecopoxy Color Pigment Kit 8 pc

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EcoPoxy resin pigment 8 Piece color kits for tinting epoxy resins. EcoPoxy pigments are specially formulated to provide a rich and vibrant resin coloring solution for EcoPoxy products or other epoxy resins used as coatings, paints, gel coats, laminating, casting or self-leveling resins.
The advanced tint properties of these highly concentrated pigments allows you to do more with less (when compared to other pigments) and can be added to either the resin or the hardener.
EcoPoxy epoxy concentrated pigment consist of pigments suspended in epoxy resin which allows them to blend thoroughly into epoxy resins to make very uniform colors.

Each kit contains 8 colors:
Red, yellow, green, blue, black, white, orange and brown
2 sizes:
60 ml = 2 oz bottles
120 ml = 4 oz bottles

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