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SnowWhite Casting Epoxy Resin by EcoPoxy
SnowWhite Casting Epoxy Resin by EcoPoxy

SnowWhite Casting Epoxy Resin by EcoPoxy

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SnowWhite epoxy resin, is pre-blended with ultra bright white pigment. It is a 2 part, stand-alone casting epoxy for casting river tables or projects that require deep layers. It is not made to be mixed with other pigments or epoxies (OR FlowCast or UVPoxy)

Use SnowWhite with your favorite type of wood to create a beautiful, contemporary work of art. The high contrast of it's brilliant white color is both opaque and consistent throughout. SnowWhite adheres to any properly prepared wood surface to create an incredibly strong bond and extremely durable finish. SnowWhite can be sanded, shaped, drilled, routered, tapped or machined using woodworking tools.

  • More Vibrant Than Adding Pigments To A Clear Epoxy
  • Even Blending
  • Machine & Customize
  • Non Toxic
  • Low Odor

This only comes in one size. 13.8kg = approx. 13.5 liters or 30.4 lbs.

How To Use SnowWhite:

  • Stir each part separately for 30 seconds. (Part A and Part B)
  • In a clean, dry container; measure 3.7 parts resin to 1 part hardener (by weight),  combine together and mix thoroughly for 2 -3 minutes. 
  • Pour mixture immediately into your mold or form

Additional pigments should not be added, they will not produce the desired effects,  as they would be overpowered by SnowWhite.
SnowWhite does NOT have the pot life of other casting resins. Have your mold ready, mix and pour epoxy immediately, It will cure more rapidly if left in pail. Mold must be sealed thoroughly to avoid blowouts. Epoxy will flow like water, and can escape through even the smallest cracks. 

Applying Additional Coats: 
Between 14 - 24 hours, depending on depth, volume and temperature.  The previous layer should be firm, but still tacky. Once tack-free it is necessary to sand between layers to ensure proper adhesion. 
Recommended Storage 
Store indoors, away for sunlight. 55 -77° F with tightly sealed lids. PRO TIP: add Bloxygen for unlimited shelf life
Shelf Life 
Epoxy has a shelf life of about 2 years providing it is properly stored in sealed containers. PRO TIP: add Bloxygen for unlimited shelf life