FlowCast: Reclaiming the Throne

It is finally here! FlowCast, the new casting epoxy from EcoPoxy, specially formulated for woodworkers, is replacing Liquid Plastic.

FlowCast is a big improvement in several ways. Although it is similar, in use, to Liquid Plastic 2:1 ratio, in terms of depth of pour, gel time and curing, FlowCasts' clarity, viscosity, and durability make it HANDS DOWN the best epoxy resin for river tables. Additionally, FlowCasts' incredible UV stability, record setting bio-content AND anti-crystallization formula have put EcoPoxy back on top of the epoxy wars!

EcoPoxy's Liquid Plastic has been the leader in epoxy resin for river tables since late 2017. As the "river table craze" gained popularity in 2018, the race began to develop an epoxy formula that could meet the demands of woodworkers and craftsman of fine furniture. There have been a lot of competitors pop up in the last year. Some big brands are re-marketing their old casting epoxies, some companies producing their own formula for deep pouring, along with a few new brands, from manufacturers that have definitely raised the bar, and finally the nameless offshore company selling one casting resin behind a dozen different "private labels", all of which challenged EcoPoxy to improve and perfect their own formula. The result... FlowCast.