Protect Your Investment: All About Bloxygen


► WHO SHOULD USE Bloxygen? Whether you are an artist, craftsmen, woodworker, mechanic, boat builder, a brewer or self-proclaimed foodie, we guarantee you will be using Bloxygen all the time! Preserve, protect and prevent waste today!

► WHY USE Bloxygen? We have all experienced the frustration of hardened paint and finishes that have become rubbery and can never be used again. Bloxygen significantly increases the shelf life of your products and reduces hazardous waste!

► WHEN TO USE Bloxygen? For storage protection with Varnish, Paint, Polyurethane glue, Waterlox, auto body chemicals and coatings, and photo chemicals. You can even use the spray for wine, liquor, hops, seeds, olive oil, makeup, and food.

► WHAT IS Bloxygen? A powerful and proven formula to save your leftover paints, finishes or food from getting ruined by oxygen or moisture. Don’t let your expensive supplies go to waste, use Bloxygen to BLOCK OXYGEN. Simply spray, seal and store.

► HOW DOES IT WORK? Bloxygen uses Ultra-Pure Argon which is inert and heavier than oxygen. The gas pushes the oxygen or moisture up and out, protecting the leftovers with a heavy barrier blanket. You can store paints or finishes 10 years or more!



         --   First, ALWAYS wear Safety Glasses.

  1. Twist the extension tube into the spray tip.
  2. Hold lid closely above container and spray towards side of the container to avoid any splash.
  3. Spray 2 full seconds for quarts and 4 full seconds for gallons.*
  4. Close lid immediately to seal in heavy gas.

*We recommend 2 seconds for quarts and 4 seconds for gallons assuming that they are half full.  Our "rule of thumb" is to spray enough argon gas into the container to fill the head space twice.  So you'll need less gas if the container is nearly full and more if it is nearly empty.

Use Bloxygen any time you are storing:

Oil Based Paint Stain Oil-based Inks and Stains
Varnish Urethane Polished Metals
Polyurethane Printing Chemicals Gunpowder
Catalysts Auto Body Chemicals and Coatings Liquor
Photo Chemicals Furniture Refinishing Chemicals Chemical Compounds
Wine Fuel Additives Coffee
Marine Coatings Glue Guacamole
Tung Oil Epoxy Wine