Micro Butane Torch
Micro Butane Torch
Micro Butane Torch
Micro Butane Torch

Micro Butane Torch

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This butane torch is perfect for de-gassing epoxy resin, Perfect for EcoPoxy epoxy resin products. Don't you hate those pesky air bubbles? Attached flat base/stand keeps in upright and won't tip over. Lock for keeping the flame on and a child-safety switch. Refill with with any standard butane gas fuel in a can. Ideal for all kinds of craft, hobby, metalworking projects and dozens of other practical uses. The handy micro torch delivers a low-temperature flame for heating and thawing or a pinpoint flame up to 2000° F for soldering.

Simple push button ignition lets you get to work quickly. Directs a pinpoint flame for precision Micro Torch is butane fueled, refillable, adjustable flame and air flow. Small enough to handle easily and big enough to hold plenty of butane and get the job done.

Safety switch
Adjustable heat
Adjustable flame
Adjustable air flow
Removable stand
Lock-on Flame button
Pencil flame
Runs on any butane

Jewelry, Electronics, Auto Repair, Hobby, Craft, Soldering, Culinary. This is a perfect butane torch for de-gassing, thawing, searing, sweating. welding and soldering. Butane Micro Torch will reach temperatures up to 1300C/2000F

Warranty from manufacturer, registration included as well as instructions