BioPoxy-36 201.5L Kit  | Wholesale Bulk Order

BioPoxy-36 201.5L Kit | Wholesale Bulk Order

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Wholesale price on bulk order kits. BioPoxy 36 available in 223.6KG (201.5L) kit.

BioPoxy 36 is a bio-based resin made by EcoPoxy used to Create Composite Parts, Coating Wooden Boats, Carbon Fiber, Wet Layup and Repair Molding, Vacuum Bagging.

BioPoxy 36 is commonly used for composites, laminating, wood construction and carbon fiber skinning. It may be used for wood laminations, coating, scarfing, strip planking, as well as bonding in fillet joints application when filled with wood flour and silica.


    Other Features:
    • No Toxic Organic Compounds or Heavy Metals
    • Excellent Chemical Resistance and Hardness
    • 100% Solids, Low VOC, Low Odor
    • High Adhesion
    • Low Viscosity