30 Liter FlowCast On Sale

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EcoPoxy FlowCast is the woodworker’s deep casting epoxy resin. Perfect for pouring river tables, ocean tables, casting in silicone molds, orgone pyramids and other deep pour applications.

This item ships to 48 US states. No Alaska or Hawaii. For shipping quote outside of the continental US contact us.

It can be poured 0.5 - 1.5 inches deep in a single layer. (depending on total volume, temperature and humidity)

FlowCast is crystal clear with virtually zero air bubbles. It cures to a harder, more durable finish that is impact resistant. Practically odorless, with zero VOCs, and contains the highest bio-renewable content of any epoxy resin available. 

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*All epoxy resins are sensitive to temperature and humidity, and for best results should be used indoors in a climate controlled environment. A consistent temperature of 72º- 78º F is optimal.




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