Laminating, Coating & Flooring

EcoPoxy manufactures several epoxy resin systems made specifically for coating and flooring applications. Many of these products are designed to be used in combination to produce the strongest, most durable finishes. Create the perfect aesthetics by customizing color(s) with a variety of additives for one-of-a-kind floor. Epoxy floors are beautiful and a great alternative to convention floor coverings. We recommend using a professional installer for perfect results. 

Epoxy floors easily withstand high foot traffic, are dust free, and chemical resistant so they can be cleaned with industrial solvents for a germ-free environment. Epoxy floors reduce moisture and lower heating/cooling cost.

Ideal for: Garages, basements, showrooms, restaurants, schools, hospitals, labs, medical facilities and other sterile environments

To ensure the best selection of the newest innovations and freshest product, these epoxies are not always kept in stock (with the exception of EcoTrowel). When an order is placed, please allows 1-3 days for processing and then your order will ship direct to you from Canada.

Clear Resin and Hardener

Gel Coat