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FlowCast | Deep Casting Epoxy Resin by EcoPoxy

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FlowCast is perfect for casting river tables and all deep-pour resin projects. FlowCast is water-clear, virtually bubble-free, odorless, and UV light-resistant. It cures to a glass-like finish that is extremely hard, durable, and impact-resistant. FlowCast deep-casting epoxy resin by EcoPoxy has zero VOCs, is non-yellowing, and contains the highest bio-renewable content of any epoxy resin. Learn more

Use EcoPoxys FlowCast for deep casting and molding projects in reusable readymade forms, silicone molds, custom-built forms, ocean tables, orgone pyramids, and more. Pouring a minimum layer of 0.5 inches and a maximum of 1.5 inches deep in a single layer (depending on volume, temperature, and humidity) is recommended. FlowCast is a high-performance casting epoxy resin formulated for a low exothermic heat buildup, which allows you to pour deeper layers of epoxy resin and extends your working time (up to four hours). Learn More 

Check out FlowCast SPR small project resin kits designed for 0.25-inch - 1-inch layers less than 2 liters in volume for smaller casting and molding projects. SPR cures in approximately 24 hours! This product is available in smaller quantities. ( .750ML, 1.5L and 3L kits) Buy Here

*All epoxy resins are sensitive to temperature and humidity and should be used indoors in a climate-controlled environment for best results. A consistent temperature of 72º- 78º F is optimal.




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