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Novus Epoxy Resin Polishing Kit
Novus Epoxy Resin Polishing Kit

Novus Epoxy Resin Polishing Kit

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The best polish for epoxy resin! Don't lose the high gloss finish on your resin art or table and counter tops. This 3 step system will remove scratches and restore the shine to your resin projects. Clean and polish kit contains (3) 8 oz. bottles and 2 polishing cloths. SUPER HANDY TO KEEP AROUND THE HOUSE!

The NOVUS Polish Kit provides a complete system of scratch removal and surface restoration for most plastic and acrylic surfaces. NOVUS Polishes have been the industry leader since 1973 with easy to achieve professional results. NOVUS Polishes are helping millions win the war against fading, scratching and dulling of plastics that all too often cause the best products to grow old before their time.

Novus products are the final phase in obtaining mirror-like, high-gloss finishes on his models...and for good reason. The 3-step Novus system uses two different abrasive compounds to buff out imperfections on painted surfaces and unpainted plastics (use #3 to remove heavy scratches, and/or #2 to smooth fine scratches and remove the dull "haze" that comes from sanding), then safeguards the resulting glass-like finish with #1 Plastic Clean & Shine for an anti-static, smudge-resistant protective coating that "seals" the surface with a lustrous shine.

NOVUS Kit contains 3 products:

one 8-oz bottle each of NOVUS #1, NOVUS #2, NOVUS #3, 2 NOVUS Polish Mates, NOVUS brochure and heat sealed in a polybag.

Can be used on:
Epoxy Resin, Plastic, Acrylic, Lucite, Glass
Epoxy resin Jewelry, Beads, Moldings, Castings, River Tables, Counter Tops, Table Tops,


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