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Mystery Solved! Liquid Plastic: The Difference Explained

One formula used two ways. There has been a lot of confusion surrounding EcoPoxy's Liquid Plastic, their brand of casting epoxy resin, has been the center of attention since late 2017. That is when a Canadian lumber mill and woodworking company, with a huge following on Instagram, first began building river tables using EcoPoxy Liquid Plastic. That company is @BlackForestWoodCo 

When I became the US Artist Rep and Retailer in April, 2017, Liquid Plastic was still a 1:1 Ratio epoxy. It always had been. But one of the first conversations I had with their sales manager, he told me to use Liquid Plastic at a 2:1 ratio...2 parts resin to 1 part hardener. When I asked why, he began to tell me all about the benefits of the 2:1 ratio and several ways he had used it. BUT it was packaged and directed to use as 1:1 ratio. The biggest difference was it cured faster as a 2:1, but it had limitations as far as depth of pour.

Over time, the 2:1 ratio was suggested to several retailers and eventually to some users. Black Forest tried it immediately and preferred it to the long cure time and sometimes softer* finish than the 1:1 ratio. So, with a zillion followers, everyone was using the Liquid Plastic at a 2:1 ratio, even though it was packaged and sold as a 1:1 ratio epoxy.

It wasn't long before mass confusion set in, and EcoPoxy had not said a word about the product, how to use or not to use it...and I did not want to tell my customers to do anything except to follow the manufacturer's instructions. That is, until EcoPoxy decided to offer the 2:1 ratio for sale! For some unknown reason, Liquid Plastic, the same product as always, was sold in a 1:1 ratio and 2:1 ratio for about a year until they got smart and eliminated the 1:1 ratio. You should never sell a product that you do not recommend!! So now, the one and only formula epoxy resin, Liquid Plastic, is sold in 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 30 and 60 liter kits. Each one contains 2 parts A Resin and 1 part B Hardener.

There is still much debate about depth of pour, some say 2 inches deep in a single layer, others warn not to exceed 1.5 inches. The fact of the matter is, it's ALL about total volume and temperature! Depending on your working environment temperature (controlled) and how many liters of epoxy you have to pour to fill the river determines how deep you should pour. When you work in a optimal temp of 74°F, you can safely pour up to 2 inches deep if you do not exceed 40 liters. After that every degree makes a difference. And unless you just want to gamble and risk your whole project, limit yourself to 1.5 inches deep and pour more than once.


(*softer ONLY when not allowed to fully cure properly)


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  • I have been using epoxy resin for years but in small coverage ammounts, 1/8 thick or less. Now I want to try a river table with a 1.5 to 2 inch pour. Your product was mentioned as a place to start. What makes your product better then everything else on the market. There are so many on the market to choose from that choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Need to know curing time, what dye to use etc. Am looking forward to hearing your response, thank you

    Clifford Yandell

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