Liquid Plastic 2:1 Ratio Instructions

Simple instructions (and a detailed version) for using Liquid Plastic epoxy resin 2:1 ratio mix.

Ambient temperature is an absolute MUST for successfully using LP. 70° - 78° F is best. 2:1 Ratio can be poured up to 1.75" in a single layer. (If you need to pour deeper just apply in 2 layers) 

  • In a clean dry container (larger than the volume of resin)
    • Measure 2 parts A and 1 part B
    • Mix thoroughly 2-5 min, scraping sides and bottom of container repeatedly
  • Let the container it for 1- 2 minutes for any bubbles to rise to the top
  • Remove bubbles with a heat gun (low, 6 inches above container w/ sweeping motions for 10 seconds)
  • Pour epoxy resin into the prepped and sealed fill area. (up to 1.50 inches deep)
  • Remove any bubbles again after pouring is complete. Repeat as needed
  • Resin will be hard to the touch in approx. 24 hrs,



  • You should always work indoors in a climate controlled area. Preferably a room that can be closed off while your resin project is curing.
  • Acclimate the containers (and supplies) to room temperature (70° -78°F) Don't pour cold resin.
  • Make sure your work surface is 100% LEVEL, dust-free and DRY.
  • Cover floors, tables and all surfaces with plastic sheeting. (NOT paper, cloth or any absorbent material)
  • Choose a plastic mixing container that has marked measurements. It should be at least 25% larger than the total volume of liquid epoxy. (i.e. mixing 3 liters use a 4 liter cup.) 
  • Measure Part A resin first. (2 parts resin)-- If your resin looks cloudy or crystallized STOP--Read this--
  • Then measure and/or add Part B (1 part hardener)
  • If you are using a 5 gallon bucket, measure Parts A & B in another marked container and pour into the bucket 
  • MIX THOROUGHLY!! Put your stir stick against the bottom of the cup and stir. Scrape the entire sides, w/ your mixing stick, multiple times during the mixing process. Generally, mix for 3-5 minutes.
  • Let the mixing container sit for a couple minutes. If you have any air bubbles, they will rise to the top. Use your heat gun (on low) keeping it 6 inches above, use sweeping across the top of the cup a couple times to pop bubbles.
  • Carefully pour the combined epoxy resin mixture into a SEALED area to be filled. (your project should be properly molded. taped, chalked and sealed before mixing your resin, review how to mold your river table)
  • Fill the void up to 1.5 inches
  • Use a heat gun to remove any bubbles that form 
  • Repeat if needed after 30 minutes and as necessary afterward
  • Once you have completed your resin pour, check room temperature and close off the room to let it cure
  • Wait 24 hours. Resin should be hard to the touch. You can add another layer if needed.
  • Epoxy resin is hard but not fully cured, do not remove from mold yet. Let it cure for at least 24 more hrs.
  • You want the epoxy to be fully cured before modifying it, you could still leave a mark in the surface.

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